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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
I got bored so I thought I take a look at what courses exist for games in the UK, it turned out to be 285 which is a lot more then I expected taking into account of the traditional courses that are not included in this count.

If 10 graduated per course, that means there is potentially 2850 graduates per year wanting to enter the industry in the UK alone which to me seems far too many for the size of the industry.

Any thoughts?
Looks like it has been echoed:
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Uther Mortigast

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It is interesting to me that M. Jeffery says on one hand, "That means [gaming degree holders] come to a company like ours and they need extra training - they're not quite ready," then goes on to say that EA prefers to train traditional degree holders into programming roles.

So with either degree holder, EA needs to train-up their new hire. I can believe that, for I contend that schools do not teach you what you need to know to do a job. Rather, they arm you with tools to help you learn your job once you get it. Evidently by what Jeffery says, EA prefers one toolbox over another.

If that bias is prevalent in the industry -- that specialized gaming degrees are worth less than broader scoped degrees -- then the ratio of jobs to graduates is much less disproportionate. That is, at least for those with CS or SE degrees.
I must find a more suitable host body....
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