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Default Programmers in Maryland? Join a new team!

Here's a list of helpful info about our team.
If you're looking for a starting team you should be interested.

We're in concept stages on a project.
The idea is to create an RPG.
Something very small, just to get started as a team.

Brief description:
The hopes are to build a small team ready to build skills and create a few small games. If things progress well long term employment may be discussed. However, the idea is to build our development skills off of each other to reach higher goals. Great potential can come from this type of organization.

Target aim:
Small indie games will be produced at low prices. Future development of more advanced games will be determined by how the team operates and how well the games succeed.

Compensations will be made if project/game sells. Members may qualify for a percentage of revenue. (further discussion upon contact) to collaborate on budget once team is complete

Finances are tight as of now. While we may not be able to run a big show, we will make sure we obtain All absolutely necessary software/equipment to produce our first game. From there we will build from success.

Talent needed:
Need: Programmer(s) with knowledge of XNA, C++, Java or similar // Animators // Audio Engineer.
Could Use: More Artists // Web Designer // Beginner in any field (programming, art, etc.)

Team structure:
Sam: A+ Artist, Due to obtain Bachelors in Digital Arts, soon.
John: Assistance where needed. (to join the team upon completion of Bachelors in programming)
Allen/Me: Manager, Writer, Aspiring Artist, Learning Art/Programming in college, to obtain Bachelors in Digital Arts or Comp Sci.
all members recently decided to join together in an actual team. we are a very young team.

A website will follow fast behind necessary personnel.

Contacts: //

Previous Work by Team:

Additional Info:
It is desired that we make a small game to begin with, maybe a PC game or xbox indie game. Something to get our feet wet.
Sam and Allen (me) are going to be doing most of the legwork to begin. We are nothing short of pleasant company, and we wouldn't think twice about discussing start up over dinner or while slaughtering zombies on a big flat screen. We're the team you need to be on.
Our first game might be choppy, but we will upload it for dirt cheap or free. Please don't expect a wad of cash out of working on this team.
We would like to start soon. However, while we are very eager to start, college classes are beginning now. We will work together as much as possible to produce something great.
Don't be shy, ask anything at the above contact e-mails.

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Default Re: Programmers in Maryland? Join a new team!

I am zed , i m c++/java develoeper (certified java programmer, more then 3 years exp).
I can help you not only in programming, but in making the company more large.
How ???? Ok => I am building my own 3G game engine with c++, directx
The engine is at 50 %, what its done : 3D rendering, input , scene management, animation for character, artificial intelligence,...), its an FPS engine. It can serve us as portfolio for 3D realtime and simulation software.
I need 6 to 8 month to have a bomb demo.
sincerly Zed
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Default Re: Programmers in Maryland? Join a new team!

onepiece, You responded to a 5-year-old topic. None of the people who initiated that topic are still here looking.

If you want to start a new topic, go ahead. It's a waste of time responding to an ancient long-dead thread.
Tom Sloper
Sloperama Productions
Making games fun and getting them done.

PLEASE do not use this website's PM feature to contact me.
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