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Default Scary People recruiting for Oldschool Survival Horror

Team name:
Scary People Entertainment

Project name:
The Entomo Trials

Brief description:
Survival horror game akin to the original Silent hill and Resident Evil games. With fixed cameras and 3rd person views, paired with suspense and mild minimum confrontation. It tells the story of a medical splicing experiment that finds itself causing an outbreak in a small town, killing or mutating all the residents. It is up to Walter, a security guard at the bank in Deer Lake that the outbreak started it, to travel to the Insectarium, the origins of the outbreak, and try to release the cure.

there is much more to the story, but that will only be revealed to team members. Though a bit more is available upon request.

Target aim:
Freeware, or buy to play

Planning on entering small competitions for money or selling it as a buy to play game if quality is high enough.
Compensation will be split revenue if that occurs. But if the outcome is good, and we dont do that, depending on my financial situation I may be able to provide compensation upon completion. But its only a possibility.

Unity 3D, 3DS Max, etc.

(currently in the works)

Talent needed:
Programers- Capable of programming for the Unity 3D engine, more info upon contact
Character/Monster Modeler Model and animate them for use in Unity 3D
Level Concept Artist To draw out the concepts for the levels looks
Comic Book Artist To work on the cutscenes. (more info upon contact)
Co-Writer Aid in specific areas of writing (mainly dialogue)

Team structure:
Me Designer, Project Manager, Writer
Brecken Composer
Bryan Concept Artist (possible 3D Artist)
Randy 3D Modeler/Artist
Chris Web Designer
Andrew Parker Voice Actor

Work done:
- Dr. Malcolm Concept

- Walter Model Samples


-Main Menu Theme Demo

Any feedback would be great

More info available upon request. Certain things are only available to team members though.

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Stuff is moving along well!

Were looking for more members though!
Mostly, concept artist, character modeler, level modeler!
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