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Default Ontario Universities for Game Development

Hi, I am in grade 12 now and I want to pursue university but I was wondering which program would be best as well as universities for Game development. More specifically I am interested in 3D Art and the Business side of Game development as well. I saw this program: and it sounds interesting.

Though would anyone know if it would be a good program? I heard that it would be better if you specialize in one field. Please provide any of your input, I will appreciate that, even if its just about game art careers in general.

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"Best" is subjective. YOU have to decide which school is "best" for YOUR needs.
How to choose between numerous school choices:
Also read
Tom Sloper
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Hi there,

I read your question and you made me register to the site just to answer.

I am currently a 3rd year student of this gaming program at UOIT.
Formal opinion:
The price might be a little high, however the quality is amazing. They will teach you what you need to know.

My opinion:
Dear god its such a good course, but its so hard (1st year makes you think its a joke.. 2nd year it gets a little hard... 3rd year make you cry so far)
You will get your math, programming, arts, and business and audio. Also design classes which is a lot more difficult that you would think. They teach you everything you would need to know for every position in the industry, they do a very good job at balancing all of these, and they are still tweaking the program map. There is a workshop now in every year, which has you develop one game project (1st year is text based, 2nd year would be a 2d probably, and 3rd year right now is a 3d racer). They teach you all the tools you would need to know. The professors are all fun and very nice, dont be scared of these guys, as much as they scare you with their terrifyingly hard midterms.

But to note. Do not expect to play a lot of games during your course year here. They will make jokes about it, but these professors are serious about what they are teaching you, you may have time to play in 1st year, 2nd year not so much. However currently in 3rd year I maybe have 1-2 hours every few days to play, and thats if im procrastinating and pushing work behind me so I can play. These guys will work you like a dog just so you can understand what to expect, what you need to know, and all the tools you need. If you are not prepared for this, and you just want to play games, don't bother coming into this program/field.

To note: If you have the faculty of business and IT handbook thing, describing the UOIT's game development program, you will see me in there for teh gaming lab/front inside cover. It's pretty hilarious, I got a creeper scared (I didn't want to be taken pictures of >.>).

Anyways! Good luck, currently doing an assignment for Entrepreneurial Financing.

Reply back, maybe i can check back when i get time.
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Hi Matsuo,

I'm an aspiring game designer going the do-it-yourself route, since I came to this career goal a little too late to transfer to a game university. I really love hearing anything about what your guys' curriculum is like though. I loved reading your post - it sounds like you're working just as hard as anyone at a regular school.

One thing I was struck by, however, was that after a whole year of studying games/programming, your final project is a TEXT-based game? That seems like something that should be assigned after, like, a few weeks studying a programming language. I think I was prepared to write a very basic text adventure after only a few weeks studying Python. I would think that after a year you would be working on much more complicated things. For instance, a fast-paced course in Flash could easily have you making a completed 2d game after ONE semester or sooner. I'm curious to understand this aspect of your curriculum. Could you talk a little bit about it?

Wait, come to think of it, I think I was not correctly thinking about what a text adventure is. I guess a real text adventure could have some complicated elements. I don't know. I'll let you talk about it, hopefully.
Bo B.

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If you like being well-rounded in the liberal arts with a focus on games, that program sounds like it should be good. However, I can't stand the University size classes, how detached you are from your teachers, and all of the theoretical work. I went into a condensed two year diploma program that only did practical work.

My advice is to go beyond the website and get in there. Get someone to talk to you and show you the classes and maybe even talk to some of the students or grads. If I had one question to ask, it would be "How new is the program?" Game related education is new compared to every other subject. The longer it has to mature, the better the program is.
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Location: Oshawa, ON , Canada

I took my first year of university at UOIT. I switched up due to costs and the lack of direction and practical application I found the program had at the time (so now I'm 3rd year Psych, so advancing from here should be interesting).

As Matsuo has said though, it has definitely improved since then, and is worth checking out. Expect to be paying over $10,000 a year (this includes living expenses), but if this program continues in the direction that it is now, it should be a great university. They will work your butt off, so be prepared.

But like Mr.Sloper said, it's entirely up to you. If you got the ambition to be in game development, and the discipline to stay focused and stick out for the long haul, any education will help you get to your gaol if your imaginative enough. Just don't expect the education alone to get you the job. Do stuff on your spare time, like making games for your portfolio (any kind, computer, board, card).

In the end, education is just for your first interview. Your first job is the first and last time your education will matter in terms of experience.

University is not just about academics though, as it is a great life experience. All the pretty girls you'll find at there is just a bonus!
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thanks for all your replies, sorry for the bit late reply, but thanks for all your replies. Yep, I like the sound of UOIT's program, and no I am not a slacker, and I am not pursuing this career because I think its all play and fun.

@Matsuo, I got accepted to all the programs I applied to, and I want to accept UOIT's offer, only thing is residence, how much would that cost a year? All the other 3 programs I have applied to are closer to my home so I could take the go bus there, which wouldn't really be possible to UOIT, from Hamilton to Oshawa. Another bonus for UOIT is, that they now (not sure if they had this before) a deal with Ubisoft, I believe EA, and 1 other company, all that really means is that those companies would be more familiar with the program and a bit easier to get an intern at those companies. Also, your paying $10 000/year with books, laptop, tuition and residence? Please let me know. Also please let me what business you do intern at (if you choose to).

Here are the programs I applied to:

Game Development & Entrepreneurship:


Digital Media-


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