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Default Looking for team - CS, CM, QA experience, want to develop

Name: Barry Figgins
Expected Compensation: We'll discuss based on the project.
Contact Information: Email is best,
Location: San Francisco. I'd like to find a local group, but I'm willing to consider online collaboration.
Previous Projects: Quest and gameplay design for SuperSecret (, customer service for Kingdoms of Camelot (, community manager for Hero Force (

I want to join your independent game development project. I currently work in community management for a social game company, but I need to expand my skills beyond just customer service. So I'm looking for a small group, maybe even a college project, with that excited, start-up culture. The kind of place where there's always more work to be done.

What I Bring

I have expertise in social media and messaging. I can promote your game all across the internet, build up your Facebook page, and give you a presence on multiple social networks. I can set up community forums and other feedback venues and collect that data, allowing you to focus on development.

I've used a variety of programs for bug tracking, customer support, data analysis, forums, and community management. I can help you get those boring development needs like CS and QA out of the way.

I also know about project management, agile development, and scrum. I hope you have a project plan already, but if you don't, I can help put that together.

Finally, I'm an excellent and error-free writer. I'll make sure there's not a typo anywhere in your game. If there are opportunities for more creative writing, I know how to structure a story, build a character, and write interesting item and location descriptions.

What I Need From You

First, I need to have some confidence that we're actually going to finish this project. I would rather get a simple game out the door than have a huge game that never gets done.

In order to give me that confidence, I'm going to want to see your business plan and design document (you have one, right?) and to have a culture of transparency. If we're doing bad and missing our milestones, tell me. Maybe we can turn it around.

I want some payment...but that doesn't mean I'm looking for a check every week. We'll negotiate something. My payment might be a guaranteed credit in the game, a cut of the game's revenue, or back-pay once the game is financially successful. But let's get it written down, because it's much easier to discuss money issues /before/ the game is wildly successful.

Essentially, I want to be a part of your team. I'm not going to be a fifth-wheel, the guy who keeps the community quiet while the artists and programmers do the "real" work. We're all going to be in this together.

What I Want to Learn

I don't want to be in customer service forever, so I want opportunities to learn new skills. I'm a very project-oriented person. If you ask me "Learn Actionscript," I might mess with it for a few days and become frustrated. But if you tell me "Write an AS3 function to cause the player to slide on icy platforms," that's something I can research, learn about, and deliver.

I have basic skills that could be refined into real expertise. I did a lot of art in college, and I've had opportunities to use a variety of programs and languages. Everything is at a total beginner's level, but I just need an opportunity and a project to sharpen them up.

Here are some skills I would be interested in improving: Photoshop, Flash, ActionScript, Unity, Lua, XNA, and javascript.

And some areas I know a little about, and could improve: game design, production, agile development, project managment, finance, and public relations.

What's Next?

Contact me via email at Give me your elevator pitch and a link to your website if you have one. Convince me that you've got an amazing new idea, and I should devote months of my life to help you make it a reality. Your excitement will help me get excited about it too!
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