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Originally Posted by Jwong View Post
Oh yeah, I was thinking of Doctorates. Master's are usually an additional 3-4 years on top of the Bachelor's.
It still depends where you study and how motivated/talented you are. As I mentioned in my earlier post - in the UK it is not uncommon to complete an MSc in only 1 year. I've even met someone who started out on a Ph.D. (via MPhil) fresh out of a BA and became a top Professor with many publications just 5 years later...
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The University of Advancing Technology in Tempe Arizona has some masters programs. I was recently enrolled but I made the decision to work on my portfolio and actually produce something as opposed to having another piece of paper saying I have the capability to learn.

The staff/community at UAT seems very positive though and they have some good degree programs. They have a goofy cost system though. You don't pay per semester/quarter/or credit hour. It's a flat rate per semester, $5,700.00 for graduate programs.
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the colleage is good,the game is better
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