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Are you saying that you want to go into military to program to learn how to program (ie take a course)?
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Originally Posted by MonsterSkillz View Post
1. would going to Military look better
2. or better help me?
1. You must not try to live your life for "appearances" sake. You shouldn't do stuff just because of how it "looks" to someone else.
2. Help you better in what way?
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Yes it did help me. I have looked into the classes provided and it doesn't seem to be what I need or want. I will just take my chances at CC and then getting a degree and AI.

I also seem to have a pretty good chance at blizzard as I know people who work there at the Irvine location and my friends dad is getting him a job as a QA Tester and he will be helping me get a job too.

So its look pretty good for me, all I have to do is stay positive, get a car to get to OCC, get a part time job, and take the classes on need to.

Thanks for all the help tsloper, I am bookmarking your site for future uses. It is a very helpful site.
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