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So this forum is for networking and such? Does anyone need some audio/music doing? Lol, I've been studying audio design at uni for 3 years now, and I've been writing music for nearly 6. Never written for a game but I've done so much reading and messing around with recorded sounds etc I feel I'm ready for the challenge. Is this where this goes btw?
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Hey Hfeehan, welcome to the community! Posting here is fine, but you may have better luck searching for volunteering opportunities in the collaboration forum.
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Originally Posted by hfeehan View Post
So this forum is for networking and such? Does anyone need some audio/music doing? Lol
Read these:
Tom Sloper
Sloperama Productions
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Aw, shucks. And here I was, reading the thread title, thinking it was about the glorious, wonderful awesome man that is, Steve Jobs. Now where must I turn to admire this king among men, the end-boss of mankind? Oh that's right. Pretty much every other website on the webweb today. Stupid Jobs. With his stupid Applet Touch XL. Stupid.
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