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Default Looking for a partner for a video game podcast

<b>Working Title: "Fundamentals" - the video game dissection and discussion podcast</b>

<b>Brief description:</b>
Each episode we take a universally classic game, that is a game that is generally known to have innovated, invented, or redefined significant aspects of modern day video games, and dive in to what makes them tick. We'll discuss the impact these classic games had on the industry and how or weather they are still being felt today. Examples: Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, etc...

<b>Target aim:</b>
Freeware. It's a podcast so that should be self explanatory.

I'm mainly in it to learn as much as possible about the great games of the past and to develop interesting conversations regarding their impact on the industry. I'm also hoping that it might make for a good credit on a resume when I apply for producer jobs (I'm an aspiring video game producer and team manager).

Will probably record the show using Garageband while using Skype to communicate with people out of my immediate area. So a microphone and the game we are discussing is probably the only thing needed from you.

<b>Talent needed:</b>
1 or 2 people interested in replaying and discussing classic (that doesn’t necessarily mean old) games. Also looking for those interested in discussing the industry as a whole, the ideas and concepts of games in regards to other forms of media, and what the future holds for the medium.

<b>Team structure:</b>
[i]Just me at the moment. Though I am capable of recording, editing, and publishing the show on my own.[i]

No website yet but I do know how to whip up a wordpress or squarespace blog for the project in a couple of hours.


<b>Previous Work by Team:</b>
None yet I'm sorry to say. But hey we all gotta start somewhere right?

<b>Additional Info:</b>
If you are an aspiring designer, producer, journalist, or writer I would love to hear from you. I think that people disciplined in working and examining the game as a whole might have the most to bring to the table on this project. But even if you're an artist or programmer or anything else please get in touch too!
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