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Originally Posted by Marcamillian View Post
Can do, though I'm flexable on style. Any thoughts on where you wanted to take this in terms of style BrainyDexter or am I free to experiment? Are there ideas of sprite sizes, just so I've got an idea of the level of detail you were aiming for?

As said before I don't have any spriting experience but more than willing to give it a crack.
Marcamillian, thanks for taking interest in my game .

As of now, the theme is jungle, and I think I am shooting more for a toon look. Though, I am flexible and if you have something in your head that you can pull off, I'm fine with it.

For sprite sizes, I have each tile as 48 * 48 pixels. Also, check out this post of mine. I have listed a lot of assets. We can change animals to be something more groovy, since I already have them programmed, its just a matter of changing artwork for me to see how they would look!

Anyways, let me know if you have any concerns/questions or anything. PM me if you want to discuss it and we can setup some time.
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