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Cool Great Opportunity for Artists!

Team name:
Toxic Tower

Project name:
Sheep Panic

Brief description:
Sheep Panic is a highscore-driven casualgame that is currently in production and has been so for the last three weeks.
We are participating in a contest with the game, not to win thought. We are in it for the fun and feedback that others will give. Hopefully we win something as well.

The game:
The player controls a herd of sheep, one at a time, and will make the jump over an electric fence. If the jump is successful the sheep is saved and a score is aquired. If a jump fails... well, the sheep is simply doomed.
The longer one plays the harder it'll get and the sheep will be running faster and faster.

We have discussed what we want when it comes to graphics, but we also realise that we might have to be flexible depending on our graphical artists skills and preferences. We would, however, like to see Sheep Panic in a 2D style inspired by Okami. We don't want that random flashgame graphics.

Coded in XNA

Talent needed:
[COLOR="Red"]2D artist[/COLOR]
The only thing we require is that you are good at what you do, 2D graphics. We don't require experience from working with games, it'll help you though.

- Create Game Icon for installer.
- Create menu buttons.
- Create menu background.
- Create game background (with animated clouds to make it more interesting).
- Create game characters (different variations of the same sheep).
- It shall have a walkcycle.
- It shall have a jump animation.
- It shall have an explode animtion for death.
- Create game obstacle (an electric fence).
- It should be animated as if electricity moved around the barbed wire.

Team structure:
Robert - Manager/Designer.
Stephen - Coder.

We have worked together for about 4 weeks now and will continue for several more in this project and another 3D game project that is about to start in the next month or two.


A separate website will be set up for Sheep Panic later where people can upload their highscores and download the game.

For more info or to apply for the spot as 2D artist contact me at: riedelkarlsson(at)gmail(dot)com

Previous Work by Team:
Stephen has 6 years of coding experience and I have 4 years of 3D experience and 2 years of game developing experience. Steve is being educated as a games coder and I am currently being an intern at a Swedish games company.

Robert has two games in his past: Tree Accelerator and Crude Awakening. One highscore-driven racing game and one 3rd person shooter.

Additional Info:
Screenshots from the very first prototype:


This is a great way for anyone that's looking for portfolio material to get it fast and good. It is also a good way to get noticed since we are competing.


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