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Default Suggested Posting Formats

If you look at other forums that have similar forum sections, you'll notice a direct correlation between the quality of teams and the types of recruitment requests you see. I strongly believe that if you have a detailed posting template to fill out it will make those trying to recruit think a little more about their project. I also don't believe the goal of a template is limited to inner reflection. I think if you have a descriptive recruitment post, the readers will have a much better idea of what the recruiter is looking for. I think people are more willing to join teams that are serious about their projects.

Here's a sample recruitment post, pulled from moderator jbadams at

If your project happens to be an MMO, make sure to put [MMO] in your title.

<b>Team name:</b>
The name of your team or company, though be careful to not mislead anybody into thinking it's a registered company if this is not true. This section is optional.

<b>Project name:</b>
The name or working title of your game/project. If you have no specific project at present (i.e. recruiting for a longer term team) or have not yet named your project you may choose to leave this out.

<b>Brief description:</b>
A brief overview of the project including how long it has currently been in production and a description of the genre and defining features of your game. For those with no specific project a statement of your group's goals or a mission statement can go here.

Target system, programming language and/or tools, artist tools, sound tools, etc. If you're planning to develop for consoles, expect to be asked how you intend to pay the expensive licencing fees and aquire appropriate dev-kits.

<b>Talent needed:</b>
List the people you need, their expected tasks and any experience needed.

<b>Team structure:</b>
List the people who are currently in the team, how long they've been there, and most importantly what YOU do.

Link to your website, even if it's a work-in-progress. Use html tags to make it a clicky link. If you don't have a website you may leave this section out, but it is recommended particularly for larger projects that you set up something.

Your email address/forum/etc...

<b>Previous Work by Team:</b>
Short description/links to previous projects by the team or prominent team-members to show your experience, otherwise 'none'. This section is not optional.

<b>Additional Info:</b>
Anything else you want to say, snippets of the story/design, screenshots, etc. This section is optional but strongly recommended, most people should be able to think of something.

Choose what level of feedback you'd like to recieve.

================================================== ======

If you're offering services or looking to join a team:

<b>Name:</b> Your name
<b>Website:</b> A link to your website and/or portfolio.
<b>Expected Compensation:</b> What are you looking to get out of your next project? Teamwork Experience/Diversifying your portfolio/Learning a new program are some examples. (No monetary compensation is allowed. For jobs or contract work, see GCG's sister site,
<b>Contact Information:</b> How you wish to be contacted.
<b>Previous Projects:</b> Any previous projects you have worked on, samples of your work, etc.
I've modified some of the sections to better match the personality of this website, but most of the quoted text is taken from jbadams, not myself.
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