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Default Interesting Game Career Websites

Here is a list of the most interesting game career advice/resource Websites users of this forum know. Let us know if there are some missing!

Invaluable reads:
Game Career Guide (Obviously!)
Game Developer Magazine
IGDA Breaking In
Games Monk
The Games Game
Darius Kazemi's Networking Advice (Tiny Subversions)
GDC Vault

Try-to-keep-up-with reads:
Game Politics

Valuable reads:
Game Critics
Game Dev Map
Costik Blog
Blitz Games Studio - GameON
50 Books for Everyone in the Games Industry

Education reads:
Scientific Ninja's Thoughts on Game Schools

Design reads:
The Designer’s Notebook
General Game Design
The 400 Project
Deeply Random Thoughts
Design Singularity
Applied Game Design
GIGnews - Designers
international hobo
Google Groups Game Design
Patrick Curry’s Thoughts on Game Design

Programming reads:
Engineering Game Development
Essential Math for Games Programmers
AI Game Development

Artistic reads:
Tips for Aspiring Game Artists

Business reads:

Game Industry Grunts

The Elusive Demo Portfolio <-- also contains layout tips <-- modeling and such.

Level Design Reads: ... Design.pdf <-- A .PDF file. <-- a .doc file.




CryEngine 2:

Aurora 2:

Hammer (Source):

GameMaker 7:

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