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Originally Posted by ronnoc10 View Post
I wasn't sure about them. I knew the last one was, but then I started to get them confused with Commando.
The Green Baret actually looked (and talked) like a bad extra from a Schwarzenegger movie, so I don't blame you. :P

I'll be going away for a week tomorrow (sunny Greece, here I come!), so I'll be wrapping up the challenge RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Here are my bullet points for Reign of Honor:

* The most feature-packed WWII experience this side of 1945!
* Relive some of the most intense battles ever fought!
* Fight your way to glory, in intense single player or online multiplayer battles!

...and for Region of Honor:

* Try to find the REGION OF HONOR set against a late 1970s WWII background!
* Experience intense gameplay you have NEVER... um, EXPERIENCED before!
* FEATURES many different REGIONS and voice-work by pop-sensation J. DUFFY!

I kept it simple. I don't think there's much more you can do, really. As said before, those who already know the game will not pay any attention to the bullet points anyway.
And with that, I'm off! See you all next week! :D
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