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Originally Posted by T K View Post
I don't think it actually is "your" reign of honour, I believe "reign of honor" refers to a period of time during which honour reigns, i.e. is the prevalent idea in people's minds.
American Heritage Dictionary
reign (rān)
1. Exercise of sovereign power, as by a monarch.
2. The period during which a monarch rules.
3. Dominance or widespread influence: the reign of reason.

But, I was referring to you the player, not you the character. It's your game, it's your reign.

This fits with the ideas of comradeship and teamwork (whereas "your" reign of honour is self-centred - doesn't seem to fit the mood).
What mood? What ideas of comradeship and teamwork? All we know about the game is:
Reign of Honor is realistic, uses traditional weapons, has the player fighting alongside allies, and introduces no innovative features. However, you truly feel that it's a fantastic game -- not all games have to innovate to be fantastic
I don't feel we can infer the mood, (directed at my own comments) the scale of the battles, immersiveness, or anything not directly stated.
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