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Too bad James Portnow didn't get in on that conversation. Xtreme Legancy of Killing 7: The Return of Killing and My Little Pony: Ultimate Ice Cream Party might have had a chance.

Thoughts so far:
-By the makers of your favorite games!
-Shoot Nazi's IN DA FACE!
-About WWII: Educational!

-Realistic, use traditional weapons!
-Fight alongside allies!
-Online play, up to X players!

-Immersive and gritty realism!
-Epic scale battles with AI allies!
-Fight in locations not seen in a WWII game before!

Edit: I was thinking about this last night.
The difficult part of the assignment is that Reign of Honor is yet another World War II shooter on the marketplace; a large part of your job will be differentiating it from the Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and Brothers in Arms series. Reign of Honor is realistic, uses traditional weapons, has the player fighting alongside allies, and introduces no innovative features. However, you truly feel that it's a fantastic game -- not all games have to innovate to be fantastic.
If that's what I want to get across, why wouldn't I just say it?

-The definitive World War II experience!
So far, the only bullet I have decided on...
I did consider going with the long version:
-If you are going to buy one World War II game this year, make sure it is Reign of Honor!
But that sounds more like a quote from the gaming press than anything: something to be in quotes on the front of the box, not a bullet-point.

The game uses realism, traditional weaponry and pits the player alongside allies in order to distinguish itself from the competition. Since there are no real innovative features, you have to sell to the player's sense of immersion. The realistic and traditional weaponry will make this an immersive game. Although the design isn't verbose, this is the impression I get. The marketing needs to communicate this.
Realism, traditional weaponry, and allies are a staple of the WWII genre (the fact that it's a genre is pretty disgusting). I was given the impression that we are supposed to present them the same way we are supposed to present the whole game: they are not innovative, but are executed fantastically.

Edit #2:
-Extensive Features: realistic battles, AI allies, traditional weapons, online play, and more!
-Developers suffering from feature-creep: realistic battles, AI allies, traditional weapons, online play, and more!

So far, my set bullets:

-The definitive World War II experience: fight in realistic battles, use traditional weapons, fight alongside allies and much more!
(I think I might drop the 'much.' Also, I'm having trouble with the second half. You fight in realistic battles, and you fight alongside allies. Currently, having fight twice sounds/looks weird, but if it's 'fight in realistic battles, alongside allies, use traditional weapons...' it sounds/looks bad, because it connects 'fight' to 'realistic battles,' 'alongside allies,' and 'use traditional weapons,' which doesn't work. Using 'fight in realistic battles, alongside allies, with traditional weapons, and much more,' sounds awkward, and connects 'fight' with 'much more,' which isn't the effect I want.)
-Something about online play.
-Something incorporating the title, i.e.

-Institute the Reign of Honor!
-Help create the Reign of Honor!
-It's time to begin your Reign of Honor! (This one is pretty good.)
-Save the world from the Axis threat and begin the Reign of Honor!
-Defeat the Axis and begin your Reign of Honor!
-Prepare. The Reign of Honor is about to begin.
-Prepare for the Reign of Honor!
-Experience the Reign of Honor!
-Go online and begin your Reign of Honor!
-Defeat your enemies both online and off line to begin your Reign of Honor! (This one's good, also, but if I use both the online point and the name point in the same, I don't know what to do with the second one. Upon reflection, I might go with this one, and mention online in both the second and third...)
-It's time for the Reign of Honor!
-The Reign of Honor begins...
-Extend the Reign of Honor!
-It's time for your Reign of Honor!
-It's time for the Reign of Honor!

I realized that I haven't been doing the GCG challenges lately, so I have every intention of winning this one. To that end, I've been working on it more than my homework. Of course, it could just be that I don't feel like doing my homework, and this makes me feel better than just not doing it...

Edit # 3:
When the challenge says 'traditional weapons,' does that mean traditional for the FPS genre, traditional for WWII-shooters, or traditional as in historic?
I would like to replace the phrase 'use traditional weapons' with 'use historic weapons' in my bullets, which I guess I could do regardless, but it would be nice to have that clarified.

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