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I find I generally ignore any sort of marketing hype type stuff that's on the package... I mentally sort that out, and in the other mental pile go the interesting tidbits that actually tell you something cool and unique about the game (e.g. letting you know it has an in-depth skill system that lets you visibly mutate your character's body or something - that would be an interesting tidbit).

That's why this challenge is really hard! Because the description of this game is basically, "There is nothing special about this game." So for me personally, there couldn't possibly be anything written on the back of the box that would really sell it to me. It doesn't have any features.
The only good thing we know about the game is basically "it is really good."

So how do you convincingly say, "Yet another WWII shooter -- but really good"?
It seems the best way to back that up would be with developer credentials or reviews, but we don't have any of those.

So it is just a hype contest? Are we just supposed to do our best of producing the drivel that never sells me on a game? It seems like it. Not that that's a bad thing, that just makes it really hard (again, not that that's a bad thing).

I guess what we will have to do is pick the 3 most important basic characteristics of a WWII shooter and say that this game has them in spades, but worded in a hype-tacular way.

Edit: I vote anyone who posts Region of Honour bullet points in addition to the standard fare gets special consideration.

(oh, I get it. "Marketing Bullets"... very clever.)

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