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Default IADT questions

I'm about to pull the trigger and sign up to IADT (International Acadamy of Design and Technology Online). I was originally going to Thomas Edison aiming for a BAS in information technology while I was in the military. Focusing on computer programming / networking.

I recently got out of the army, and I thought to myself "Why dream about being a game designer, why not go for it?" I wasn't that far along in my IT degree, so no real harm in changing it up at this point.

People always say they hate their job, and wish they could be a movie/tv actor, a video game maker, a singer, etc... So why not try? I figure I did a bad enough job for 8 years already, and I want to do something more fun and creative.

So I am going to try my best to make a living in game design. My question is aimed at the quality of IADT's program. I'd like to know if anyone here has had first hand experience with their courses. Do you learn a lot? Do the skills they teach make you a viable contender in the gaming industry? Are the skills they teach viable in terms of real-world applications?

I'm not the kind of person who cares about money. I don't have to work for Bioware, EA, or Ubisoft to be "happy". I would like to work on a big AAA title one day in the future, but it does not make/break my decision of working in the gaming industry. I would be perfectly happy pulling in a low-mid salary on indi projects if that's the hand that's dealt to me. I've learned from the military that you can get by on very little money. And I'm much more interested in not hating my job every morning when I wake up lol.

So I'm not asking "Will IADT's program make me a AAA super-star working on Battlefield 5 1 week after graduation".

I'm more interested in knowing how much I will learn, and the quality of their classes when it comes to making games.

If anyone has any advice or comments on IADT, please let me know. If you personally think IADT isn't a good choice for game design, please let me know what you think good alternatives are.

My interest is mostly in the design of games. (3d environment modeling, 3d character modeling, gameplay and animation scripting, storytelling, etc). I'm not big on concept art and things like that. I'm more interested in the actual game play.

So any words of wisdom would be really nice.

Thank you in advance.

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