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Originally Posted by timvee View Post
Hi everyone,
1. I work for a startup mobile developer. ...most of the office is talking about jumping ship. The long work hours (I expect this anywhere), inadequate compensation and toxic work environment is getting to everyone.
2. I've been setting my sights abroad (Canada, Australia, NZ) ... Most of the game devs in my country are startups
3. I've been 6 months in my career... I've scoped out some job boards and feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
4. is my plan of working overseas feasible
5. what positions am I qualified for with my variegated experiences in the 6 months I've been working? I'm gunning for assistant producer or junior designer but I don't know if I'm qualified for those jobs.
1. Definitely a toxic job. You are right to want out. Still, you should not burn bridges (don't quit in a blaze of expletives - give notice and work your best through the last day).
2. These statements beg the question: what country do you live in now?
3. Yes. 6 months experience won't get you a job that needs 2 years experience.
4. I don't have enough information. You seem fluent in English, so that's good. You need to research the immigration requirements of those countries. But with just 6 months experience, it's going to be really tough to get hired long-distance. Maybe if you can wangle work-legal status in one of those countries before applying.
5. You worked at a small company, which always means you performed a wide variety of tasks. You should look for another small company.
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