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Default Re: Advice Appreciated.

Originally Posted by TBS Ash View Post
1. how to break into the games industry
2. ]was] put off by the steep learning curve and barriers to entry without a degree.
3. I actually learned a lot of scripting with the help of my team and other resources.
4. What can I do to give myself a fighting chance of making this my career.
5. I would love to be pushed in a direction that will yield results as well as bolster my CV and applications for a degree and or job
6. QA has gone through my head but I haven't the foggiest where to start looking there
1. Sounds like you are considering going back to school for a degree? That would be good, because a degree and a portfolio are what you need.
2. And now you're ready to learn steeply, and get a degree. Good, because you need that degree and a portfolio.
3. So you have 1 project in your portfolio. That's a start. Do you still have the work that you did, do you still have the game your team made, is it possible to make that a part of your portfolio?
4. Get a degree. Build a portfolio. Put your portfolio online.
5. You worked on one project. Work on more.
6. Identify game companies near you. If none are within daily commuting distance, move. Use Gamedevmap and Gameindustrymap. Read

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