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Default Advice Appreciated.

A little about myself first. I am 22 years old living in the UK and working in retail. I did not put the time into college and find myself in a situation that couldn't be further from where I aim to be. I have been trying to get my head round how to break into the games industry for some time put off by the steep learning curve and barriers to entry without a degree.

As times rolling by I am less deterred and more determined to overcome this. I have done a little research into Python with a view to learning my way round UI work and a little (and I do mean a little: the basics would be generous) of C++. In the past I have used RPGmaker ect but the bulk of my experience in this field was whilst I was playing NWN. I was part of a 6-8 man team and asides from using the drag and drop style editor I actually learned a lot of scripting with the help of my team and other resources. I loved it. Getting around 1 hour of sleep a night so I could learn all day and work all night as it were.

So that is about the extent of my expertise. What I would like to know is: What can I do to give myself a fighting chance of making this my career. I don't think I am talented enough with the art-work side of things but definitely have a head for numbers and code. I would love to be pushed in a direction that will yield results as well as bolster my CV and applications for a degree and or job (perhaps a language / editor to bring pet projects to life). QA has gone through my head but I haven't the foggiest where to start looking there (pre-degree work) and isn't the end of my ambition.

Also, I'm sure this isn't the place to say this but well done to the makers of this site. What a great idea and what a great community, there is enough here to have given me the proverbial kick up my arse that I needed to get going on this.

Thanks in advance,

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