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Default Advice for a Beginner

Hey my name is Caleb and I was hoping for some advice. I am currently in my senior year of high school and am very interested in a career in game design. I have no experience at all though.

I took a short introductory class in programming at a local technical college and I don't think that's my niche, but I do realize I will need some basic skills if I want to go to college for game design.

I would love to one day design the storyboards and be able to get real creative. What I would like is some advice on how to start out at rock bottom to build skills necessary to create a game. I'd like to know what languages(C#, Java, etc.) to learn first in order to create simple games to start out with possibly. I think making old school 16bit games would be really cool to learn how to do.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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