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Default Re: Please Help Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch + pressure sensitivity + photoshop

Originally Posted by Steven Bishop View Post
Hello everyone reading this. This is my first post.

Like many of us so often do, i went to the efforts of purchasing a Wacom product to draw and paint up some cool concepts as an alternative to pencil and paper, its good to switch media now and then, the Bamboo Pen and Touch to be exact one of the cheaper models not that it matters.

With photoshop ive been write through the Brushes palette or F5 but i still cannot get my wacom to react to pressure sensitivity. If i press on the tablet lightly i get a bold brush stroke when it should be a light opac brush stroke, without having to manually change the brush opacity.

(Has anybody been through his before ?? and beat this beginner hickup) If you cant work with proper pressure sensitivity you cant really blend colour and create values and get that nice painterly look

Any help is greatly appreciated, about this problem or your personal work flow and or settings believe me Thanks.
Hi Steven
I'm using Photoshop CS5 but as I remember this tip applies to all versions upper than Photoshop 7 and all kinds of drawing tablets.

Choose Brush tool (press B on keyboard) > Right-Click any where inside a drawable layer > Click on the little arrow placed on top right corner > check the Stroke Thumbnail property
so if you have the tablet driver installed properly, you will see some default brush presets which react pen pressure (detect them by their stroke shapes).

Another way to set any brush preset to react pen pressure is getting to brush editing window(Press F5) > under Shape Dynamics tab beside Size Jitter, set the Control to Pen Pressure.

good luck
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