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Default Re: Starting on Game Design

Originally Posted by xDarkomantis View Post
1. Whenever I try to look up information on Game Design, sites would say to learn a bit of everything like Art, Music, and programming.
1. what basic programming software should I know as a aspiring Game Designer?
4. Is it a good thing to spend time trying to design my own champion(though Riot clearly stated they aren't going to use any fan-made champions) or should I be more worried about the GDD?
1. Idiots are always assuming everybody in the industry has to be a programmer. It helps, but it's not a requirement. You should look into level design (FAQ 69).
1. Look into level design, see if you can use Game Maker (FAQ 56) or modding tools.
4. It's a good thing if you want to do that. There's a growing movement deprecating GDDs, but every game designer still needs to be able to write one.
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