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Default Re: Writing a story for everyone with a GLBT protagonist

I don't think that's entirely true, then you would be saying that homosexuals can't relate to heterosexual characters.

For instance in movies, how people can relate to the character if the spectator is not the character and is not molded to the viewer.

Taking this further into games, there are people that many times feel related to the characters in a game, even if the player and character are not from the same sex, ethnic, sexuality or even country. For example, I really felt related to the character of Papo & Yo and I didn't have an abusing father, neither a female love interest or I didn't live in my imagination as child.

I think you are talking mostly about RPGs, and as my answer above I think that if an homosexual can relate to heterosexual characters, then an heterosexual can relate to an homosexual character. The thing is how to present and beat this challenge since of course, we are living in a "heterosexual world"
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