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Default Re: Graduate Degree Options for Aspiring Producer

Originally Posted by HyperCube009 View Post
I am looking for ... opinions from experienced people ... on what I should ... study for my master's degree based on my ... desire to... become a Producer
... would it be better for me to grab a masters in something closely related to the technical side of game-making, i.e. a masters in game design? Or something more along the lines of project management?
I don't think the master's degree is essential. Your standing as an officer and XO establishes your credentials as a manager. To get hired in games you'll need to have been intimately involved with the making of games. I don't think you'll be able to do that until after you're discharged (making games is a huge timesuck).
If you want to get a master's, go for whatever learning you can get (do it for the learning, not for the piece of paper).
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