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Default [Help appreciated] A business degree any use?

Due to family issues, I went ahead and applied at an online university for a business AA degree.
Before this, I went to an arts high school and spent most of my time in the Creative Writing conservatory and it wasn't until recently did I come to the conclusion that I wanted to get a job in the gaming industry.

I'll be honest. I'm not a business person. In fact I regret it, to be honest, but I guess knowing a bit about accounting and the economy is helpful.
I'm a writer, one that has filled dozens of notebooks and word documents with stories and worlds of my own. I live in them, I think of them every day.
I didn't go for a literature degree because most people told me it was useless and that business was more general and that I'd have a wider amount of choices when it came to settling for a job.

It wasn't until recently that I realized I really wanted a job in the gaming industry. I've always been a major gamer ever since I was young and I also saw an appropriate job in a current well-played game which was extremely inspiring and almost perfect (oh, if only I already had several degrees and wasn't this young. It'd be gone by the time I graduate).

Character design. Creating a character, making the lore, expanding the world - I would be extremely content if I were to have a job like this, but I don't even know where to start. Where does such interests lie in? Game production? Programming? What do I do?
Also, another major question would be if it's necessary to learn computer science or not. I don't think I'd really like that. I'm just terrible at math.

I'd really appreciate some advice as this is my dream job.

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