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Smile Re: Portfolio Feedback

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Going through and re-reading what I've written is definitely a priority as I know I have a tendency to ramble and quite often misspell or miss word things.

Regarding the images suggestion would you say that placing the images first and foremost on a page would be a better idea than having them at the bottom? Having a single category for projects wasn't something I had thought about but reading what you were saying I could see why having school projects listed could possibly be seen as a negative. They were all individual projects without feedback until they were marked however, would you suggest scrapping these and only including personal projects or just listing them all as personal works?

The game on Kongregate is probably not the best example of my work I have, but at the minute its the only released work or finished demo I have. Making it a bit more prominent could be a good idea.

As for my blog I intended it as more of a insight into me as a person which I thought could potentially give employers a better idea of who I am. Making it entirely development related may not be a bad idea though, it shows a bit more focus that way I guess.

Thanks again!
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