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Default New Indie Gaming Website Indie Love Looking For Additional Writers!

Hey everyone my name is Aaron and I am the owner of a new website dedicated to reviewing single developer and small team indie games called Indie Love. You can find us at and check out what we've done so far.

The short list of what we're working on would be the main site, obviously, where you can find reviews, news, previews, and special features about indie games. We have a weekly show that we put out live on and we edit them down and archive them on our YouTube channel. We're also working on a comprehensive visual database of indie games over at the Vault and in the process of revamping my old website as a place for great Let's Play-style videos.

We have a decent sized staff, but we also have a lot going on and we could use a few extra hands in the writing department to get our news and reviews out at a more frequent pace. It's not bad now, but it could be better.

That's where you guys come in! If you've ever thought about volunteering for a writing gig for video games we could use your help. We have a stack of games on the review pile ready for you, and more is always flowing in, there's never any need to buy a game. You can work as little as one or two articles a month if you're really busy, but three is about the average we try and shoot for. You can appear on the live show if that's something you like doing to play and review games, or you can work at any of our other projects.

TL;DR: We're a new site with great people looking to add more great people to the staff. If interested throw me an email at admin (at) and we'll chat! Thanks!
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