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Default How much knowledge is enough to start applying jobs for a Game Designer

Hello everyone !

2 years ago, when I was still a university student, this question made me struggle to find an answer. Now, after graduating and having 1 year of work experience as a game designer, I am still unable to answer it. Therefore, I would like to ask for advices from industry veterans about it, please help me !

First of all, you may question why I could still be asking about this when I already worked in the industry, even though for only a brief one year. The fact is that the company I worked for also isn't a veteran in the game development scene, thus it was easy for me to get accepted to work there.

So that's my background. I know the question in the title was a bit obscure, that's why I will try to rephrase it to be more specific, so if you can give me any advice or lesson, it would be great. Here they are:

1. How much background knowledge about programming and art should a game designer know ?

From many sources I studied so far, everyone often says either "learn as much as you can" or "till you can talk the same language with them". They made me confused. It's ideal that one should learn as much as he/she can, but I think it's actually impossible for a game designer who also has to study about many other fields. Therefore, could anyone tell me just how good at programming/drawing do you think a game designer should be before he/she starts applying for a game designer job ?

2. Are all professional game designers scientists ?

This might sound like a joke question, but the reason I'm asking it is because I have read so many game design-related books and articles about scientific things such as

Procedural Content Generation: Thinking With Modules
On Player Characters and Self Expression

Really, they scared me out. Do professional game designers always talk about these things while working ? Please straighten me out.

I know the post is pretty long and my questions may look childish or immature for you, but please explain to me with your experience so I could know how the industry is like. Thank you very much for your time !
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