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Default Re: Salary Question - Community Management

Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
Sorry that I don't know the going rate for that position, but a lot can be told from their offer.
- That's probably the low end of the range.
- So they can probably come up a bit, but probably not that much.
- If you said honestly, "I really can't do it for less than $45K" and they really wanted you, they might meet you half way.
- If you said "I really can't do it for less than $49K" in hopes they'd offer you $42K, they'd probably withdraw the offer.
- But if you don't try, then for sure you won't be getting that job (since you're not going to accept their offer).
- You have to be smart (artful vs. artless) about the negotiation. You want to remind them of your desirable qualities, not just ask for more money.
Good luck!
Thanks again for all of the help!

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