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Default Re: Please Help Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch + pressure sensitivity + photoshop

Have you gone into the bamboo tablet settings at all? I don't know what kind of computer you are using, but when you installed the tablet it should have installed the bamboo driver as well and there will be a program you can run to set things like firmness or the shortcut buttons for the tablet itself. If you have windows, you can go to start > all programs and it should be around there.

And have you made sure to enable the brush to react to pressure sensitivity? Don't know what photoshop version you have, but I think this applies to most: if you go to window < brushes (or f5 like you mentioned) you will get the brush editing window. Go down and check "other dynamics", and where it says "opacity jitter" make sure it is at 0% and the control is set to "pen pressure".
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