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Talking Game reviewers wanted

Hi all,

My name is Rob and together with a few friends I recently started the website:

This website has a few goals:

1. Sell videogames
2. Promote videogames
3. Inform gamers about the latest releases and news

This website is still in it's early stage. Income is not a priority but we need some funds to keep the website running. Therefore we only sell through an affiliate programme and do not sell the games ourselves.

I have a full time job, so do my friends. We would love to play games all day and write reviews but we simply can't afford it ;-)

Therefore we are looking for youngsters that have more time on their hand and like to write about games. Non youngsters that have time to play games all day are also welcome off course :lol:

You will get login-id's so you will be able to submit a review whenever you want. Your name will off course be mentioned, even a picture if you want.

Unfortunately we cannot pay for your reviews. We are simply doing this for the love for videogames. Would the website be a success, we will obviously share this succes with you. Which means a commission is not unthinkable. Writing for us can also be a start to a more professional writing job for one of the bigger gaming websites.

So, do you like games and do you like to share your thoughts about them on the Internet, please send me a PM or email me (

I hope to email with you soon.

Best regards
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