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Default C++ game coding

Hello all. So I've been browsing around lately, I have been getting better at C++(still not good, but better). I downloaded an engine called blender which is from my understanding a graphics engine. My question being since I am new to game programming, what is a good place to start out using C++. I heard SFML was not bad (2D graphics from what Ive read), ogre3d, and irrlicht as far begginer engines because of there ease of use (I should say easier, not by any means easy). My concern is blender able to become compatable with these engines? I want to stick with C++ I enjoy using it alot, and would like a good begginner game engine that I could work with basic graphics, coding, animation 2d or 3d whichever you think would be easiest for me to start with. As far as blender goes, it does seem easy to use I just dont want to continue on with it, if it will not be compatible with c++ in general, as c++ is my language of choice. Any good input would be greatly appreciated, maybe what engine you started off with, or if you could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thank you for your time.
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