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Default Re: How much money should i charge?

Have any of you had this experience?

I was asked to do some character/monster sketches for a set of indie short films, and they asked for my price. I calculated it would be about 15-20 sketches, each taking approx. 10-12 hours, including meetings. They were also asking for a set price, with the option to continuously tweak or change as they saw fit (so if they decided to take it in another direction, I would have to start all over for the same price). I came up with a ballpark of about 1200. The man I was negotiating with flipped out, and wanted to pay me no more than 400, with half upfront and the other half upon completion.

As excited as I was to get the experience from people working in film before, my time is a commodity, and the value they placed on the work and the time needed for revisions was just too much.

Lesson(s) I learned: know the value of what you do, because sometimes non-artists do not understand what they are asking for, and because some people just want something for nothing
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