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Cool Aspiring game composer looking to start working in the industry!

My name is Chris Norris and I am a professional musician from Queens, NY.
I am currently looking to combine my 2 passions and begin a career in the video game music composition/production field. I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor's in Music Performance with extensive experience composing, recording, performing and touring in a wide variety of styles ranging from jazz, fusion and blues to rock, metal and pop. I have licensed my music to other media companies, but my dream job would be to compose exclusively for games.

If you'd like to hear samples of my work, you can check out my Official Site (

Lately I have been going through alphabetical lists of game developers in NYC and e-mailing/calling them to see if there were any positions available in their music department; so far, no bites. Is this the way that most game composers get started? I mean I'm sure everyone has their own story as to how they began their career, but as an unknown in the industry, and with zero professional connections in the field, is it even possible to get my music used in games?

Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated, and if anyone happens to need high-quality music for their game, feel free to contact me at!
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