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Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
A game designer could easily determine whether it's appropriate to use a throwing star or a handheld laser bazooka if it's a game that takes place in feudal Japan.
I should have worded that question better; I didnít mean appropriate in that context. I mean the correct (the specific model) weapons used by factions. This also includes specific pieces of equipment such as optics, grenades, and various weapon attachments/accessories.

Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
Why would he need a specialist in weapon determination for that?
The detailed information Iím referring to isnít common knowledge. A studio that wishes to develop an authentic game would require such details.

Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
Have you read about game jobs in detail? Why do you ask this question? Are you in the military and looking ahead to after you're discharged?
Yes, I have and that is why I asked. Iím currently an SGD (Simulation and Game Design) student.
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