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Default Video Game Producer Questions

Hello all,

I'm a young college student who aspires to be a video game producer someday. I am currently close to obtaining my Associates of Science and then will be studying business for my B.A. My best friend is going for video game programming as well. ONE DAY, we would like to make our own company after getting some years of experience in the field. However, I have some questions about my career choice. For one, does anyone know if there is a college that has any specialized classes that relate to video game production? Yes, I have read about the roles and such of my career choice, but I was just wondering if and where I can take more specialized courses and what majors pertain the best to this profession?

My second question is what types of programming would be useful for me to at least learn some? That way I can have a little background in programming.

Third, what career choice is more suited to rise through the ranks to become a producer? QA? Marketing? I'm asking about the careers that are not design/programming ones.

Also, one of my bosses at my current job used to work in the video game industry and he has tried to stray me away from my dream. He says it is quite hard to get in the industry and that extra languages are needed. Can anyone confirm his ideas?

Thanks for your time! Any other information you might think is useful to pass along to me pertaining to video game production would be appreciated.

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