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Question Software Engineering Electives

Hey all,

This is my first post here, and I plan on spending a fair bit of time hanging out in the near future! Really great forum, and I've learnt so much just from the last few days of reading around.

I'm a mature-age student who is going back to University in February. My interests are in becoming an engine/graphics programmer in the future. I've spent the better part of the last year writing console programs in C++ and I really enjoy it. Plus, I'm a maths geek, and I can't get enough of mathematics.

I'm about to begin aBachelor of Software Engineering degree and was wondering if I could get some guidance about electives that may be the most relevant to my career path. I need to select at least 7 from Part A and then a further 4 from either Part A or B. I've bolded the subjects that I'm thinking of taking:

Operating Systems Architecture
Artifical Intelligence
Compilers and Interpreters
Advanced Algorithms & Data Structures
Machine Learning
Information Security
Computer Networks I
Computer Networks II
Advanced Computer and Network Security
Visualization, Computer Graphics & Data Analysis
*This course is geared towards scientific visualization of Biological and Engineering models - so I'm not sure how relevant it could be.
High-Performance computing
Embedded Systems Design & Interfacing
Distributed Computing
Digital System Design
Models of Software Systems
Introduction to Web Design
Advanced Human-Computer Interaction
Relational Database Systems
Advanced Database Systems
Web Information Systems

Advanced Embedded Systems
Introduction to Systems engineering
Systems Safety Engineering
Project Management
Service-Oriented Architectures
Data Mining
Spatial and Multimedia Databases
Calculus & Linear Algebra II
Analysis of Ordinary Differential Equations

There's some really interesting subjects there, and I wish I could take them all, but alas, I can't and have to make some compromises. I also have the option of completing a Dual Degree Bachelor of Engineering (Software)/Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) for an extra year of study - 5 years of full-time study. Do you guys see any value in doing this amount of mathematics? Or would I be overdoing it? It would also mean I have to drop 2 electives in order to complete the Dual Degree.

Thanks Everyone,
Look forward to the feedback!
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