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Default Need a Team? Ambition Required!

Objective The team will design and develop an alpha-demo for a previously existing, yet unjustly neglected series. The team will then submit the alpha-demo along with concept art, storyboards, and other resources to the owner's of said series in attempts to get permission and resources to advance the project to the beta and final stages.

Education and Experience No education or professional experience required. I, however, will take into serious consideration any applicant who gives an example portfolio of their work.

Lead Designer - AaronWilbers
-Concept Artist -
-Character and Stage Modeler -
-Character and Stage Animator -
-Musician -
Lead Programer -
-Programmer 1 -
-Programmer 2 -
-Programmer 3 -

For additional information, please don't hesitate to ask.

@MODERATOR'S NOTE: No paid roles / commercial projects are promoted on this board. Also note that developing an existing copyrighted intellectual property (that you do not own / have permission to develop) is not advised. This is because the "right to produce" a derivative work requires consent from the owner of the underlying work.
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