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Post What Do You Want From The GameCareerGuide Forums?

Christian Nutt, features director of Gamasutra here. Many of you probably remember me from my Game Design Challenge posts. I'm posting today to poll you, our community members. We're in the process of updating and upgrading the GameCareerGuide forums, and we want to know what you want.

Here are some questions you can help us answer:

1. Do you like the way the forums are organized now?

Right now they're broken down by discipline (e.g. Art, Design) with Announcements, Getting Started, Collaborate, Game Studies, and Off-Topic otherwise. Does this organization make sense to you? Would something else work better?

2. Are we missing anything?

The way games are made and played has changed since GCG launched its forums. Do we need a forum for indie development? Do we need a forum for discussing tools and engines? What else? Let us know!

3. Do the forums meet your needs?

You're all here at the forums for a greater or lesser part of your time. But do they really meet your needs? Do you enjoy your time here? This is a vaguer question, but any feedback you have on what you like or don't like about the forums can go here.

Any other thoughts you have, whether not explicitly covered above -- feel free to share it.

We're going to be actively seeking feedback for the next two weeks, so give it some thought and post!
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