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Originally Posted by Adrir View Post
Generally, programmers at Lionhead are expected to have a level of mathematical knowledge equivilent to A Level Mathematics with Discrete Maths and Mechanics.
An "A Level" is the name of a qualification in the UK.
Can you explain more what it means? It's kind of like NEWTs in Harry Potter or something, right?

In the American university system, freshman (first year) classes are numbered in the 100's, sophomore (second year) classes are numbered in the 200's, junior (third year) classes are numbered in the 300's, senior (final undergrad year) classes are numbered in the 400's, and graduate (for Masters degree) classes are numbered in the 500's. That doesn't mean only freshmen can take 100-level classes, and that doesn't mean freshmen can take only 100-level classes.

How do "A Level" classes fit in, how can Americans understand what "A Level" means?
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