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Originally Posted by Mech View Post
...Ok, most of what you said is just plain wrong but, whatever. It sounds like you need to smoke a bowl or get a prescription of citalopram.
I don't do drugs and you should relax on what you say a bit dude. Listen, this is going to be said and always will be said.

None of what I say is FACT but none of what YOU say is fact either. It's all subjective meaning that there IS no right or wrong. It's opinion. Honestly, I don't think Soulja Boy did any of his music out of passion but just cause he thought it sounded good or he thought he was a good rapper or something, someone trying to make it, it happens. But either way, whether they're good or not is again, subjective. Personally, I think Soulja Boy is some of the crappiest stuff I've ever heard in the entirety of my life and he's one of the reasons that music is the way it is now, but that's my opinion. By the way, "My precious Radiohead" as you call em, knows music theory, but even so, some of their songs are pretty simple, but the emotion and feeling in the songs is so deep that it blows me away. They're not my favorite band or anything, but I respect them for it. Heck, I don't even care for the Red Hot Chili Peppers but I respect them as well. There's a difference between me liking a band and respecting them and I simply cannot respect Soulja Boy. It's not like I listen to Eminem a lot or he's one of my favorites, but I respect his rap because of the expression and feeling in his words. Everything feels so hollow when I hear Soulja Boy
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