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Question Writing Portfolio - Chatter, Barks, Misc. Question

Obviously there are a lot of things that go into writing a game, depending on what the developer has hired or wants you to do. I'm guessing that published works, sample scripts, and world building documents are important to have for a game writer in their portfolio.

But how about chatter? I forget the more common name used for this, but this is the "dialogue" that characters say while you're playing. For example, when you click on your Warcraft unit, or random things TF2 characters yell out during battle, etc.

I went to a video game writing panel and they spoke on how this can be a huge chunk of what a writer has to do, depending on the game. They however didn't address if samples of this for a portfolio would be necessary.

Would any of you suggest it? And if so do you take a brief paragraph to explain the sort of game it is, so they understand the context? And what would be the proper format? I know for dialogue trees and "chatter" excel is often used, so for a portfolio should it be the same, or in a more user friendly writing format?

As always thanks for your time and help. It's greatly appreciated.
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