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Default Game Programming Challenge 2: Scrolling Shooter

Welcome to the second Game Programming Challenge! We're all short of time at the moment, so here is a quick challenge for you to play with during the holiday period and through into January.

The Challenge
This challenge is to make a Scolling Shoot'em-Up. I quite like this chellenge because of the huge variety of possibilities. You could go with a simple space shoot'em up like Galaxian, or a car game like Spy Hunter, or any other type of game, providing it contains scrolling and shooting (or perhaps even punching & kicking). The complexity is completely up to you.

Defender is a classic side scrolling shooter

The original Spy Hunter

Ikaruga used the concept of bullet polarity to add a new aspect to the game

The Deadline
The deadline for this challenge is Sunday 25th January (submissions should be made on or before this date). You may find it useful to submit your game early to make sure that the judges can run it on their computers. Source code does not need to be submitted, only the executable file and any assets it needs to run.

To submit your game you can upload it to your own web space and provide the link in this thread, or we can set up an e-mail to send it to (PM me for the e-mail address). We may also create a website the allows you to upload projects at a later date.

Additional Information
You may use any language you desire, providing the end result can be played by the judges easily. You may reuse code that you have already written in the past. Projects can be submitted by a lone programmer or by a team. Please try to keep the file size down when submitting a game. Also if you are taking part it would be good to know, so we can judge the success of the challenge. If you need any help, or advice on any aspect of your game, feel free to ask. Finally why not make a post/thread to tell us about your project?

Things you could include
  • Power-Ups
  • Particle effects
  • Sounds (these really make shooters work)
  • Multiplayer
  • Interesting environments
  • Special weapons

Judging on this competition will begin on the Friday 30th January and Judges comment will be posted by the following weekend. The judges will be:

The Entries
Fusion by dzeligman ( Results )
Scribble Wars by mordekai ( Results )
Lines & Curves by brainydexter ( Results )
(space to fire weapon once collected. W, A, S and D control the direction it fires in)

The results are in!
Contratulations to dzeligman for getting the highest grade.
Well done to the others too for getting your games together within the time allowed.

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