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SteveByDesign 08-10-2012 03:27 PM

Design Blogs: Who has one?
Hey everyone, I started my own design blog today very small and modest to start. Going to discuss myself a little early on, breaking down designs I see from upcoming titles as they progress towards completion and will be sharing my own design philosophies as time goes on.


Anyone else on here have there own blog or sort of self promotion? Lets see it. :D

Cliffore 08-10-2012 08:47 PM

Re: Design Blogs: Who has one?
Bookmarked! Interesting read even though I'm no designer.

halleylight 08-14-2012 04:27 AM

Re: Design Blogs: Who has one?
I don't have a design blog. However, I have a private Google Docs storage to keep all of my game and story ideas, along with human behavior and psychology lessons I learn from life and work over the years. It's good to see more people nowadays trying to improve themselves from these kinds of methods. I wish best of luck to you and your blog, Steve !

McKlane 09-08-2012 10:39 AM

Re: Design Blogs: Who has one?
Awesome! Following you!

Look forward to some awesome Design posts.

Since we`re sharing, here is mine:

Do a lil` bit of Art and occasional programming on there but Id consider myself a Design student.

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