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HagNasty 08-06-2012 06:18 AM

Game Writer(s)
Hello Everyone, It's been a while since I've been back here. our last project ( Xetrex ) launched on iOS and I have been doing post mortem and marketing.

After that we started our next game! We have a base GDD setup but it's missing a lot because we have game mechanics and characters drawn out but not a lot else. There is no story or setting. This is a huge problem and we are looking for someone (or multiple someones) to help fix this.

Our concept art is under way to help give the game a look and feel, but before we start creating backgrounds we should really figure out if this is something we should do in a desert or jungle, maybe the surface of the sun? Who knows?

I can fill in anyone interested if they want to take a crack at it. Just send me a pm and I'll get back to you asap.

Cliffore 08-10-2012 07:17 PM

Re: Game Writer(s)
I've love to give it my best shot. But I'll be honest, all I've got under my wing is about four years of Creative Writing experience.
I'm also more of a fantasy writer than anything else, and I'm a huge character development person. Give me a feel for what characters you've made and their personalities and I can probably cook something up.
Can't promise you amazing results but it's something I enjoy doing so I hope I can help at least a bit. :P

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