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davenbettridge 07-11-2012 03:49 AM

Please See My Art Folio! 3D Character Modeler!
Hi all, I ve been working hard for months on my 3D Art Folio. It would really mean a lot to me if you all could see my Art Folio and give me your thoughts, impressions, criticisms, etc.

Artfolio is found at:

Its my dream to work in the video game industry as a character modeler. I'm Australian and unfortunately jobs here in the video game industry are limited. What sort of skill and experience would I need to get a job in the USA?

What is or isn't working on my art folio at the moment? What content is missing or what should I do more of? Do you think I'm ready to start applying for jobs in the video game industry internationally?

If anyone could be so kind as to provide me feedback and be willing to answer questions as to getting my dream job it will be warmly appreciated :D

- Daven Bettridge

ZackRibbe 07-11-2012 06:41 AM

Re: Please See My Art Folio! 3D Character Modeler!
Daven, I looked at your site and I must say I am impressed. I feel you have a very strong portfolio. I liked that you have a variety of characters (i.e. not just humans, you have the "Bebop and Rocksteady" as well as the "Troll Warrior" and "Fox Family". And I also liked that you showed your work in 2D Concepts and even your design projects, showing that you are versatile. All around I would say you have a very solid portfolio, I would say you should start applying internationally.

Another good thing is that you showed your 3D Models in Wireframe, along with the texture; and you have the triangle count listed so you have all the neccessary info posted.

One piece of advice I could give is possibly getting rid of some of the views you have of the characters, it seems repetitive. For example, for the "Tough Guy" you have 5 different thumbnails, which is taking up a lot of space on your portfolio. Maybe try and narrow it down to 2; have it more like your "Rocksteady and Bebop" screenshots. Where you have multiple views in one picture. Obviously make sure you keep the wireframe one but also have a final render, but I don't think you need all of pictures you have like you do for the "Tough Guy". What do other people think?

One other piece of advice is to have your resume available to download off of your site. I have seen a lot of portfolio sites that have this.

All in all you have a very solid portfolio, you showed skills in multiple areas and I would definitely start applying internationally. Keep up the good work!

darkbox 01-19-2013 08:29 AM

Re: Please See My Art Folio! 3D Character Modeler!
wow i like your site. very professional

tsloper 01-19-2013 09:26 AM

Re: Please See My Art Folio! 3D Character Modeler!
darkbox, you sound like a spammer and you've necroed a long-dormant thread. Locked.

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