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viniciusepiplon 05-19-2012 05:10 AM

Web vs Binary
In recent days, me and a group of friends was discussing the possibility on game-making. Everyone got excited as usual and now we are concerning about the commitment and don't let the initial exctiment overthrow us, because as I've read so many times that game-making groups dies at very beginning.

On our first meeting, we got a hot discussion on whether Web or PC is the best plataform. One of my friends were arguing that web technologies are better, because it would be knowlege that can grants us a job in the future and specially defending the HTML5, once that Flash is "a dead technology". Even that I hardly disagree with him (since so many websites like Newgrounds holds tons of flash games), I don't know if is it really a possibilty.

So, what about the binary?
One of the guys in the meeting said that it was "going backwards", that web games are more attractive for other people and no one downloads strange ".exe files" from unknown sites. And also for the same reason as mentioned above.
Once again, I said that it doesn't matter right now, because the main goal is to break the "first game barrier".

And the meeting ended as it is. Now, we are doing research, but this web vs binary discussing got me stuck on what is the best for the group and for the programmers (were I am included).
By the way, we are not thinking of selling. We just need experience and knowlege.


inches 08-06-2012 09:27 AM

Re: Web vs Binary
There are generally less hurdles involved in web games in terms of deploying, getting users to play, promoting, and sometimes development.

If you have engineers that only know one language and aren't at the skill level to switch from something like C++ or Java to AS3 (or vice versa) than you'll have to just use whatever they already know.

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