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chriszhou 02-16-2012 11:30 PM

How to find a good programmer
I think it is very important to know how the boss find his programmer.

Below is an article of a business guy recognise good programmers.

I think it will helpful for every one.

[copied-and-pasted article deleted]

tsloper 02-17-2012 10:15 AM

Re: How to find a good programmer
It's not cool to copy and paste an article from elsewhere on the Web. Post a link next time.

And then there's the question of what kind of questions the readers of this forum are interested in. Most of them are interested in how to get hired -- not how to hire programmers themselves. Makes me question your motivation for posting that.

EvilLlama 02-18-2012 03:56 PM

Re: How to find a good programmer
Tom, I disagree.
Not all of us aspiring game devs consider ourselves primarily programmers, so we need to rely on team members who do in order to pull off larger game projects (or any, if we have no programming skill whatsoever). As students, we don't have the means to motivate team members extrinsically, and have the extra commitments school and part time jobs throw at us to deal with as well. Thus, being able to tell if a programmer is actually going to follow through is extremely important.

While the article could probably be summarized in a few relevant sentences, I wouldn't discourage people from posting advice for how to find good skilled team members.

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